Restoration – Transforming a thrift store table


I recently bought this table at Goodwill with the intent to clean it up, paint and distress it, and sell it. This would be my first attempt at furniture restoration and I was excited to start the process.

The table was in very good condition and cost me $12. When I got it home, I cleaned it up using Krud Kutter which is an all-purpose cleaner that doesn’t have a really harsh odor. It cleaned the table nicely and then it was ready to sand.


Since the scratches on this table weren’t that deep, I used fine-grit sandpaper from 3M for this project which is the best way to control how deeply you’re sanding. It’s also the best when distressing painted furniture.


The paint I’m using on this table is Magnolia Chalk Paint in Shiplap.  I like using this Wooster paintbrush because it has a short handle and the angled brushes make it easy to get into tight corners on furniture pieces.


I started on the bottom of the table so the top would be the last thing I’d paint. The paint went on very smoothly but at the end of the day, it took three coats to completely cover the brown wood underneath.


After applying a coat of Dixie Belle clear wax to the table, I noticed that the paint finish wasn’t as opaque as I wanted it to be. You could still see some of the brown paint on the top and bottom shelves. So, I lightly sanded the table again and added one more coat of chalk paint. Then I waxed and buffed it for a smooth finish.

I’m very happy with the way this little table turned out. Now I have to decide whether to keep it or sell it.

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