Collecting – Vintage Stoneware Crocks

It started with one small mustard crock. Then it began to grow and grown.

Crocks have been around for centuries – they were originally used to store butter, pickles and even meats (once called potted meats!). The best part of collecting crocks is their versatility; plus it’s so cool to imagine the history behind them – where have they lived before and how were they used?

Last Christmas, I had so much fun adding small artificial Christmas trees to my crocks. Such a simple display which I just love!

Or even filled with greenery (artificial or real) for every day.

No matter how you decide to use them, crocks are a wonderful addition to any collection. Right now, they are super popular so prices may be a bit higher than standard but keep hunting, I’m sure you’ll find some out there to add to your decor. Happy hunting!

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