Protecting chippy painted furniture

I love chippy paint. I love the shabby look. I’ve even started to paint furniture myself and am learning how to weather it. I’m never deterred when I find a great chippy piece of furniture because I know how I can protect the finish.

The biggest issue with chippy painted furniture is that it’s very hard to clean without rubbing off more of the old paint. Plus, on some pieces, this paint may be very old and could possibly contain lead – it’s never easy to know.

I researched and watched numerous YouTube videos on painting furniture and had heard so much about this product, that I knew I had to try it out.

I purchased this from a seller on Etsy and it’s such a great product. I use a sponge brush but since this top coat is water based, it’s very easy to clean up. It has little to no odor so you can use it inside which is what I usually do.

I start by lightly brushing my piece with a dry paint brush to get off any lingering dust and dirt. Then I lightly wipe down the piece with a very slightly damp cloth and then lightly wipe dry. You may lose a few small chips of paint in this process but you would anyway if you were going to dust the piece. Once you add the top coat, dusting becomes so much easier!

I usually apply two light coats to my pieces. The first coat will dry in about 20 minutes so this isn’t a lengthly process.

Try this for yourself and you’ll be so satisfied with the result. And the best part is you’re protecting that chippy painted finish on your treasured pieces!

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