Decorating with vintage clocks

It all started with the gold and white Big Ben clock below that I had as a child in my bedroom. I didn’t think that someday I would miss this old gal but in 2000, my home caught fire and this clock was completely destroyed.

Around 8 years ago, I started noticing old Big Ben and Baby Ben as well as other vintage clocks at flea markets and I was drawn to their shapes, colors and overall design. I started picking them up for around $15-20 and so, a new collection was born.

I love the way they look individually as well as in a group. And the more wear and patina, the better! Most of the clocks in my collection no longer run but that’s not an issue for me. I just love that they served their purpose some time ago but are still around for collectors to enjoy.

Sometimes all that’s left is the clock face but these also make great display pieces. I’ve used an old metal flower frog to hold up this clock face below.

No matter their size or color, vintage clocks always make a display look just a little bit better!

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