Ironstone butter pats

Ironstone. Butter. Pats. What can I say? Their popularity has skyrocketed in the last few years. To the point that they’re now ridiculously priced. But I love them and am not planning on selling any of mine for a long time.

I started collecting ironstone butter pats about 5 years ago – I just loved their compact size, the heft, wear and patina and they were just so dang cute! I imagine them being used on a table setting back in olde England, each with a pat of butter neatly placed in the center. Even better if the butter pat had a pattern pressed into it from a vintage butter mold!

Butter pats come in various sizes – some are marked or stamped but most are not. Don’t they look great just stacked together ?

I consider myself lucky if I stumble upon any reasonably priced butter pats at this moment in time. Like everything else, I think the prices will eventually drop so be on the lookout.


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