Packing and storing holiday decorations

The Christmas holiday is over and, sadly, it’s time to put all of the decorations away for another year. I’ve tried to pare my Christmas decor down to mostly vintage items and, because of this, they require careful storage so they’ll be safe and ready for another year.

I’ve begun to collect vintage Gurley candles which are so cute! There are candles for Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas! Since I live in Southern California where it gets very hot in the summer, these candles can not be stored in the garage or anywhere where the temperature isn’t regulated. I store mine in a small tote in my bedroom closet. Each candle is wrapped separately in acid-free tissue paper. This is a great way to ensure they will be around for my family and I to enjoy for years to come.

Before I get started packing, I empty out all of the tissue paper from the empty totes where the decorations will be stored.

Each individual decoration gets wrapped, by itself, in tissue paper. Nothing is just dropped into a box without protection. It’s so important to respect your collection and the time and energy it took to collect everything over time.

After everything is carefully packed away, your boxes should look like this:

Store everything in strong, sturdy and labeled totes for next year.

Wishing everyone a very Happy New Year.