Decorating with Vintage – Magazines

I love to read decorating magazines (also called shelter magazines). I’ve been a fan for a long time and wanted to share a few that feature vintage with you.


Country Living – one of the longest running vintage decorating magazines out there. This magazine has been published since 1978 and it’s still going strong. Country Living has evolved from the dark woods and plaids of the 70’s and 80’s to the light and more muted colors popular today.


Country Home – this magazine has come and gone and come back again. I remember the days when one of my favorite authors, Mary Emmerling, was the creative director. I used to collect this magazine and go back through each of the issues over and over again. It’s back again and is published quarterly.


Flea Market Décor – one of the newer vintage magazines that is published on a quarterly basis. I like this magazine however, it doesn’t have as much of the shabby chippy farmhouse looks that I love – many times it features homes with brighter colors (Florida beachy style – bright greens and yellows – not my favorites). I will usually look through it briefly at the bookstore before buying if the articles don’t speak to me.


Flea Market Home & Living – this magazine isn’t published on a regular basis but is a nice addition to the vintage shelter magazine market. Lovely pictures and some how-to’s on the pieces they feature.


Romantic Homes – sadly, this magazine just folded. It was a lovely magazine that always featured beautiful shabby chic style homes.


Victoria – this is another magazine that came and went and came back again. I buy this on occasion but most of the time it’s a bit too frilly for me.


Flea Market Style – Ki Nassauer has published this wonderful magazine for about 5 years now and she’s doing a great job. The magazine is consistent in its vintage content and features wonderful articles about collectors. I’ve happily read articles about Fire King jadeite and ironstone collections that are just up my alley. This magazine is published four times a year and is a must-read if you’re a vintage collector. Note to Ki – please bring back the Junk Bonanza in Del Mar!


The Cottage Journal – this is a lovely magazine with lots of beautiful pictures and not a bunch of advertisements. I don’t buy this every month but will pick up a copy when it has interesting vintage articles.


Country Sampler Farmhouse Style – This is a newer magazine that I’ve become a big fan of. Farmhouse decorating is what I love and this magazine hasn’t disappointed me yet. The Autumn 2019 issue features Danelle and Deb’s home from their Instagram and blog House on Winchester. Let me just say that I want every room in their house!


American Farmhouse Style – Another newer magazine that I really like. Lots of great farmhouse decorating ideas and inspiration. This magazine is published every other month.


Better Homes and Gardens Flea Market Style – 100 Ideas – this magazine isn’t published often but it has lovely photos. The most recent 2019 issue features Lisa from Farmhouse On Boone’s old home in gorgeous photographs.

Magazines are a lovely way to get inspiration for decorating. My only wish is that the cost of these issues would go down – they are getting to be almost as expensive as books!

Let me know what magazines you read and if there’s some that I missed here. Enjoy!



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